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Buying at naturgin.com is very easy. You will find our products in different places in our Internet shop. In Showcase, Shop, and Gifts you will find options that allow you to easily find what you are looking for. You can then choose from among the products found the one that appeals to you the most. Click on the image of the product for more details. Choose one of the available types of products and then click on “Buy” to add it to Cart. The screen will show you a summary of your order which indicates what product(s) you have chosen to purchase. This order screen also gives you the option to “Show Cart”, “Continue Buying,” “Process the Order,” “Recalculate Totals,” in the case that you decide to change the number of items you wish to purchase, and finally “Cancel Order” if you decide not to purchase anything. When you click on “Checkout” you will initiate the payment process in which you will be asked to provide your personal information, shipping information, and form of payment. Follow the instructions at each step and at the end print out the summary of the products ordered and the number of your order. JONAUS CORP is pleased that you have chosen to visit its website. Our objective is to place NaturGin products at your disposal and through them to establish a strong on-line presence.

COPYRIGHT Of the site: The website is www.naturgin.com, of which JONAUS Corp has photography, icon, character, works of art, image, graph, music, text, software and all HTML rights. The website www.naturgin.com is protected by authorship or copyrights. No part may be photocopied, transmitted, or reproduced in any way without the previous written authorization of JONAUS Corp. Of the products: The names, logotypes, and trademarks that appear in the site are the property of JONAUS Corp, or are used with permission; the products may also have registered copyrights or trademarks with their respective companies. Under no circumstance may they be used without the previous written authorization of JONAUS Corp. Any violation of this principle will violate copyright, authorship, trademark, and other industrial property rights and will result in the initiation of the corresponding legal actions by JONAUS Corp. Parts of this site may be printed only and exclusively to: place an order, find out or keep information about the products offered in the shop, find out times, addresses, and telephone numbers. This material may not be used in any other site; it may not be modified, distributed, or reedited without the previous written authorization of JONAUS CORP. Legal Declaration.

Terms and Conditions IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL USERS: Please read this carefully. When using the site www.naturgin.com you are accepting the terms and conditions contained in this document. Do not use the site if you do not accept the terms and conditions here indicated. www.naturgin.com is available for your use and you may: a) See the site b) Provide information at the site c) We will transmit product information for your personal revision and finally, d) You will be able to buy the products. You accept that the use of the site, the transmission of information about the product for your personal revision, and the purchase of products does not imply the transmission on the part of JONAUS CORP of any intellectual, industrial, or property rights or the rights of any kind concerning trademark, patent, or design.

Providing Information at the Site The information provided by you which includes data, comments, suggestions, preferences, will not be considered confidential. All of this information provided will be judged the property of JONAUS CORP which will not be responsible for any use or disclosure of this information, and will be free and without limitations to reproduce it, use it, disclose it, and distribute it to others. JONAUS CORP will be free to use any idea, concept, skill or technique contained in this information for any purpose, including but not limited to the development, manufacture, or marketing of products that incorporate or consider this information. JONAUS CORP is open to comments and suggestions about its website and products, but it does not seek to request ideas that are considered to be confidential or the property of the user, nor suggestions, materials, or other information related to the design, redesign, modification, manufacture, or new products, and in the event that you provide this information, it is accepted that JONAUS CORP may use it in the manufacture of its products or incorporate it into its new products. Transmission of information about the product for your personal revision JONAUS CORP has tried to exhibit its products and colors with precision and accuracy; however, it does not guarantee that the user’s computer can reproduce or depict the real colors of its products with precision. JONAUS CORP also advises that its products may be discontinued, may not be found in your area, and that prices are subject to change. JONAUS CORP is not responsible for typographical errors with respect to price or any other matter. JONAUS CORP tries to provide exact and timely information in its website, but there may be technical inaccuracies or oversights, and typographical errors. JONAUS CORP reserves the right to make corrections and changes to its website without previous warning and at any time. JONAUS CORP does not assume any responsibility if the products described in the site are not available in the visitor’s area. JONAUS CORP operates its website from Miami, FL. It is possible that any software that can be transmitted from the site may be subject to government exportation laws or other restrictions. When visiting or using the site, you understand and accept these restrictions. Responsibility Visitors assume all responsibility and risk when using www.naturgin.com JONAUS CORP does not concede any tacit or implicit guarantee, representation, or endorsement with respect to the information accessed from or via the site, including but not limited to, implicit guarantees such as title, marketing, suitability guarantees for a certain end. JONAUS CORP does not guarantee that the site is free of computer viruses or other damaging components. It also does not guarantee that the program functions meet the user’s needs or that the execution of programs is free of interruptions, or errors, or that these will be discovered and corrected. JONAUS CORP does not assume any responsibility or obligation for the accuracy, integrity, reliability, or usefulness of the information disclosed or accessed through its website. JONAUS CORP is not obligated to actualize its visitors’ site or to modify its volume or code. It is the responsibility of the visitor to verify any information contained in the sites visited before entering the JONAUS CORP www.naturgin.com site. JONAUS CORP does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for other sites that do not belong to www.naturgin.com, and it does not have any representation or provide any type of guarantee about the accuracy, availability, convenience, or security of the information provided in sites that do not belong to the JONAUS CORP website and to which the user may go or link up. The link is included only for the convenience of the user.

Revision of Conditions and Terms JONAUS CORP may at any moment revise the terms and conditions herein contained in order to actualize and/or modify them. The visitor will be limited by this revision and will have to visit this page periodically in order to review the existing terms and conditions that apply to the use of the NaturGin website. Even if some of the dispositions of this agreement were to become invalid, the rest of the agreement would continue to be in force and legally binding. JONAUS CORP does not assume any responsibility or obligation for the accuracy, integrity, reliability, or usefulness of the information announced, disclosed, or accessed by visitors to this site. The use of any information will be the sole responsibility and at the risk of the user.

Terms and Conditions for Orders and Withdrawals When withdrawing or making an order, you are accepting the terms and conditions that apply at www.naturgin.com to make a withdrawal or place an order, you will volunteer personal information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail, and product. This is considered “personal information” and will be considered and used by JONAUS CORP as confidential for: Fulfilling the objective for which the visitor provided the information (to buy a product, participate in a contest, make comments or suggestions about the products and the site, etc.). Improving the appearance, volume, and usefulness of the site tracking the use visitors give our site for market research or other commercial purposes. Notifying our visitors about site updates. The list of consumers may be shared with other companies that have been carefully selected and whose products may be of interest to you. At any moment you may: Obtain a summary of your record or of the personal information that JONAUS has collected about you. Modify or correct your information. Request to be excluded from the e-mail list, or from the databank. For this you must write or send an e-mail to the following address: info@naturgin.com. JONAUS CORP will only telephone customers about orders placed on line. Modification of Terms and Conditions of Ordering Policies JONAUS CORP reserves the right to change, modify, add, or eliminate parts of its withdrawal policy at its discretion at any time. The continuous use of the site indicates that you accept the terms and conditions of this withdrawal policy.

Placing Orders Your order will contain The article(s) chosen for purchase, including name, reference number, size, quantity, price, and form of payment. If you have any problem placing your order, please visit “How to Buy.” Our transactions will be made in American dollar.

Security When you provide credit card information in your order, this information will be protected by a special program that codifies the number of your card so that no one else may read it while it is being transmitted on Internet.

Shipping Costs NaturGin.com has a special agreement for the safe and effective shipping and handling of its products with USPS. With the merchandise, we will send the invoice, which should be used in case of a return. Returns will only be accepted on new and unused products with the presentation of the respective invoice. Unused products may be exchanged for merchandize that is available in our website. In no case will cash refunds be made. How to Return Merchandize In order to return merchandize, please let us know the reasons why you are returning it, include the invoice in the package, and repack the product securely. Carefully address the package and send it.

Cancellations If your order has not been sent, you may cancel it, and we will reverse charges on your credit card. But, if it has already been sent, you may return the product by following the instructions on how to return merchandize and you will be charged for shipping costs. Modifications of Terms and Conditions of Ordering Policies, Returns, and Cancellations When placing an order, you are accepting the terms and conditions that JONAUS CORP has established for such as well as for returns and cancellations. If you do not agree with them, please do not place an order. JONAUS CORP reserves the right to change, modify, add, or eliminate parts of withdrawal, return, and cancellation policies at its discretion at any moment.

How to Get in touch with JONAUS CORP If you have any questions related to the terms and conditions, or if you wish to make any suggestion or to contact JONAUS CORP, please do so at: JONAUS CORP Main Offices 7781 NW 73 COURT STE B Medley, FL 33166 Phone:(305)436-6051 Fax:(305)436-6054 Internet Store 1(877)863-1040 General Information: info@naturgin.com

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