New year, new habits

New year, new habits

2020 comes with new purposes, but those goals are not achieved alone; It is necessary to take the necessary measures and change certain habits that lead to them.
Here are the strongest purposes at this time, and we give you some tips to achieve them with greater success:


1. Lose weight

Move more: if you still do not exercise, start doing it, do physical activity daily, even for about 30 minutes. If you already do, increase half an hour more exercise a day, use your own vehicle less and walk or cycle to your place of study or work.
Avoid mecato, prefer fruits, nuts and infusions in those moments of anxiety.






2. Be healthier

Check what you eat: start reading the lists of ingredients and nutritional tables of your foods, prepare more food at home, reduce the intake of fast foods, replace sodas with water.







3. Save

Plan your monthly fixed expenses, include within your “expenses” 10% of your income and save them pretending that you do not have them, before buying something ask yourself if you simply want it or if you really need it, avoid buying those things that you don’t really need to, start something that generates a new income.






4. Take care of the environment: follow the rule of “the 3 Rs”

Reduce the use of plastic elements, turn off the lights that you do not need to have on, close the water tap while you can, disconnect the appliances that you are not using.

Give a second use to containers when possible, put your imagination to the test and reuse that bottle, that jar or that box that you already have at home, and turn them into a pot, container of elements, wastebasket, etc.

Properly separate those items that definitely do not have the option of using one more time, and arrange them in cans or bags differentiated by colors, so that people who deal with waste management can easily differentiate them.

It is not impossible! It’s just a matter of attitude!


Source: funat.co 

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