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Jonaus Corp is a company registered in the State of Florida in October 20, 2015.  All of our products are 100% natural and manufactured by our sister laboratory Natural Ginger Corp in Miami, FL.

JONAUS CORP has develop thru the years natural products with medicinal uses that contribute to the welfare of our consumers in improving their health. We truly believe that natural products and supplements contribute to our customers health.

At JONAUS CORP we manufacture our products with 100% natural raw material and apply strict quality control, we maintain a continuous improvement process, and we have an interdisciplinary team that provides expertise and knowledge. We work hardly to develop the best formulas to guarantee excellent products for our customer’s health.

Our Vision

“To be leaders in the manufacture and sale of natural products, consolidating our presence in the local and international market to satisfy the needs of our consumers as for a product 100% natural and certified that contributes to their health and well being. To strengthen our experience and presence in the supplement industry, counting with an enthusiastic team, committed and qualified. Introducing innovations that allow us to continuous improvement. “

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